The Contact Center's Guide to Customer Experience Design

Discover how to elevate the contact center’s strategic advantage.

What’s Inside?

Effectively leading a contact center isn’t what it used to be.

The customer’s journey is happening across digital channels with increasing regularity and the technology stack to support it all has grown overwhelming. Long gone are the days of customers exclusively calling your toll-free number for support. Today, contact center leadership is as much about business collaboration as it is technical proficiency.

But what are the steps that contact center executives should take to get from where their business is today to where they need to be? How do they make CX their competitive edge?

We interviewed contact center and customer experience leaders to get their advice.

Download this guide to hear their thoughts on:

  • Understanding Your Customer’s Journey
  • Adopting a Digital Mindset
  • Balancing the Use of Human and Artificial Intelligence
  • Managing the Technology Environment


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